Business Services


Bookkeeping and Accounting

Managing your financials can be a burdensome, time-consuming task. Yet, up-to-date, reliable bookkeeping practices are essential for any successful business. That’s why we are here. At Everything Numbers, we will handle your company accounting and bookkeeping functions with precision accuracy. 

Our services are customized to your needs. We can set up an accounting system for you or work with your existing system. Services offered include managing and tracking bill payments, reconciling bank accounts, generating income statements and balance sheets, managing your general ledger, and providing ongoing consulting to ensure your financial needs are on target.   


Payroll and Taxes

Administering your company's payroll function consumes valuable time and often requires additional staffing to ensure smooth, accurate implementation. Yet, with Everything Numbers, you can make payroll management worry-free and confidently redirect your focus to other important matters like running your business and serving your customers. 

We provide business owners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing all aspects of payroll are being expertly handled. This includes continually monitoring updates to IRS, state and local laws to ensure your business is always in compliance.

Our payroll services include maintaining your payroll system, preparing employee checks, filing payroll taxes, issuing W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms, and compiling payroll reports.  


Business Consulting

We partner with you to help your company maximize performance and profit. Highly individualized, our business consulting services focus on the operational and financial components of your company. Our work may involve determining more effective or efficient ways to run your operation, manage your financials, organize your team, reduce expenses, or drive incremental revenue. The focus of the project is based on your objectives.

We start the process by intensively listening. We sit down with you to learn about business challenges and opportunities, as well as your needs relative to your specific project goal for our consulting. Then, we get to work analyzing operational processes, financials, staffing structure, and other relevant data related to your goal. This process is comprehensive and systematic. It culminates with a presentation of our findings and recommendations that address your needs.